Kersten`s Giant Krystal

An amazing miracle that smacks, just a little bit, of black magic
A spectator chooses a card from the pack and is asked to write the name of the card on a pad. Alas you do not have anything to write with. Undaunted you tear off a piece of paper, crumple it and ask the spectator to hold it to their forehead. At the same time you ask them to concentrate on their card. You show a small glass disc, explaining that it is a flat crystal ball. You place the crumpled paper upon it. Touch it with a cigarette or a match. Then whoosh, the paper explodes in a burst of light and there, engraved upon the glass, is the name of the chosen card. Routine by Ken Ward This is really a giant one measuring 5cm (21/2") diameter by 2.5 cm deep (1")

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Category:- Card Magic

Manufacturer:-Peter Kersten

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